2017-04-25 | EUROCORNER 300A

A profile designed for use on exterior corners with ceramic claddings, either for walls, benches, or shelves. The anodised aluminium EUROCORNER f... [+] read more

2017-04-25 | EUROLISTELLO 301A

An innovative listello designed to be used with LED technology, which gives us huge possibilities in terms of decorative lighting in bathrooms, k... [+] read more

2017-04-25 | EUROFLAT 296A

The aluminium EUROFLAT is for areas that require elevated safety measures against falls, slips, etc. It has 35-mm tread surface with anti-slip sl... [+] read more

2017-04-25 | EUROFLAT 297A

Self-adhesive aluminium profile with 38-mm tread surface and a 25-mm anti-slip band, complying with standard safety regulations. It is installed ... [+] read more


Self-adhesive, easy to lay mosaic to renovate interior ambiances (walls, bathrooms and kitchens) without the need for work by professionals.... [+] read more


Self-levelling solution for laying floors and coatings that automatically provides perfect levelling. It affords even joints, avoids the movemen... [+] read more

2017-04-24 | Euroshrink Since 1986

In 20161 with 30 years dedicated to providing systems and solutions in the field of construction. Since our inception in 1986, we have characteri... [+] read more

2016-03-01 | EUROCORNER - 145A

Eurocorner made of anodized aluminium and intended for external corners, waistline tiling or shelves with a ceramic tiling. Its main purpose is ... [+] read more

2016-03-01 | EUROCORNER - 150A

Eurocorner made of anodized aluminium and intended for external corners as well as window and door finishes, providing a perfect pilaster edge w... [+] read more

2016-03-01 | EUROMULTIPURPOSE - 212NA

Aluminium profile suitable for many different applications, including: Decorative listello, Edge protection, Finishing on floors and walls, Steps... [+] read more

2016-03-01 | EURODRAIN - CERAMIC

Waterproofing kit for built-in showers, both for remodelling and new works, with a stainless steel grating AISI 304. 40 mm horizontal and vertic... [+] read more